Thursday, October 13, 2005

No leitor de CDs #15

Meaning of loneliness


Nobody knows the existential dread

Of the things that go on inside

Someone else's head

Whether it be trivial

Or something that Dante said

But baby nobody knows the meaning of loneliness

No matter how well you know someone

You can only ever guess

How can you ever really know somebody else?

It takes more than a lifetime

Just to get to know yourself

Nobody knows the meaning of loneliness

I have to say a word about solitude

For the soul it sometimes they say can be good

I'm partial to it myself I must confess

Nobody knows the meaning of loneliness

Well there's Sartre and Camus, Nietzsche and Hesse

If you dig deep enough

You gonna end up in distress

And no one escapes having to live life under duress

And no one escapes the meaning of loneliness


(Van Morrison)

Van Morrison | What's Wrong with this Picture? | 2003 | Blue Note